2 thoughts on “Little sister

  1. Love your work! You have grown allot from the first posts I must say.
    Did you do the blocking in modo??!
    Is it easier for faces than Zbrush?
    We use 3ds max in school, I have really hard time with faces, so I do them in Zbrush and then retopo them later, do you think thats a good approach?

    • Hi Laura,
      I did the basemesh in modo yes. Started from a Sphere.
      I think it’s a matter of comfort and taste, but it might happen that your future employer wants a specifik workflow, but if you are doing it by yourself, you are the onlyone who decides the rules.
      I like modo for modeling, very good neat tools for ease the modelling process. Maya is OK, but modo… its feels very well thought out.
      Haha, you have hard time with faces? How do you mean? As in controlling vertecies?

      Hope those words helps?


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